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We go to great depths
for your project

Feeling weighed down by your project's technical specs? Call us today for the hard-to-find commercial diving engineering expertise you need.


Marine Engineering Services | Kinnelon, NJ | Atlantic Engineering LLC  | 973-838-3100

Over 20 years of experience in
underwater inspections,
structural evaluations, and materials testing

Get qualified divers who can rescue your project with hands-on inspections

Call today for fully qualified and certified divers who can provide thorough, hands-on inspections underwater or at the shoreline. You'll get complete video and photo documention as well as a thorough inspection report. Plus, our divers allay your safety concerns by operating in full compliance with OSHA regulations.

  • Hands-on underwater inspections
  • Complete video documentation
  • Complete photo documentation
  • Comprehensive inspection reports
  • Fully qualified and certified divers
  • Confined space entry training
  • First aid / CPR training
  • Full compliance with OSHA regulations

Get findings based on reliable methodolgy

Your inspection is never begun before a thorough review of existing documentation following by the deveopment of a comprehensive dive plan. This maximizes the use of the dive time on which your project depends. In addition, you wil get professional fathometer survey and diving reports. Read more about our methodology.

Get inspection of every structurally critical underwater element

You can count on us to provide a proper visual and tactile inspection of all underwater concrete, steel, or timber structures. Your report will include documentation of bottom material, voids, holes, impact damage, loss of section and much more.

Inspections for:

  • Concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Timber structures
  • Visual inspection
  • Tactile inspection
  • Bottom material 
  • Voids and holes
  • Impact damage
  • Loss of section
  • Displacement
  • Missing elements
  • Previous repairs
  • Scour
  • Erosion
  • Loss of fill
  • Marine growth
  • Marine boers
  • Debris

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